Eat Sleep Drive Repair Repeat

The Mechanic.

Full time mechanic for 12+ years servicing for shops, friends, family and my customers.

Started in the field working on tires and worked my way up to where I am today.

Attended 2 years of automotive specific college training.

I've literally Eat Slept and breathed Auto Mechanics for the past 12 years.

I'm not your average mechanic, more like a car surgeon and when you need to operate of course you're gonna want the best one for the job.

But just to remind you I'm a mechanic

not a magician!

I've fixed everything from Maserati to Deawoo, Semi Trucks to Mopeds. Antique vehicles and Kit Cars.

Challenge me I dare you!

I am very honest and reasonable when it comes to repairs on your vehicle.

If I can fix it, I'll tell you I can and I'm not gonna lie if I cannot do the job properly.

Honda, Acura and Import vehicles have always been my specialty.

My car is featured on Honda Pro Jason's facebook in his pictures section.

I am a Moderator for the Google+ Automotive Enthusiasts Community Over 300k+ members, companies and mechanics.

My work is featured on my personal page via Google+/Kris Kiley

I have many happy customers in central mass and beyond.

I am offering my professional mechanic services to those in reasonable traveling distance!

Maserati Oil Change Align Wheels After Heighr Adjustment.
Deawoo Nubira Alternator, Tune up, Valve Cover Gaskets, Brakes, Belts
Fraightliner Semi Truck Replace Trans After Input Shaft Bearing Failure
49cc Smiley Classic Moped Restore
73 Saab Sonett Restore
F40 Replica Kit Full Restore
Auto Repair Q+A Collection
VT Stance Fest
Honda Pro Jason!
VT Stance Fest
Project Crx!
B18 Hatch Build
Jdm ZC Sohc Daily Driven
On the Job!
Rsx Civic Conversion
Subframe, Leaf Shackles, Transmissions, Headgaskets, Snapped Studs, Steering Pump
Motor Swaps 4,6,8 Cyilinder H, V, I
Water Pump, Egr, Sway Bar Links, Intake Gaskets, Coolant Issues, Axle, Brake Lines, T Belt, Oil Filter Housing, Snapped Spark Plugs.
Created by Kris Kiley