Real Customer Repair Pictures

Wonder Why Some Vehicles Cost More to Repair?

Responsible Maintenance Repair Costs Over 10 Years of Ownership.

Average Costs Per Vehicle At Dealership/Shop Parts and Labor.

Services I Offer!

Full Engine Service and Replacement.

Transmission Flush Filter or Replacement.

Clutch Service.

Full Diagnostics.

Custom and Oem Brake, Gas, Fluids Line Fabrication.

Brakes, Suspension, Front End Alignment.

Automotive Electrician.

Check Engine Light.

Sound System Installation.

Auction or Private Sale Auto/s Repair to Sell Assistance.

Restoration Projects.

Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection Assistance.

Dodge V6 Headgasket Kit + Timing Belt Kit
Civic 1.6l Headgasket + Timing Belt Kit + Gasket Kit
Mazda Miata 1.8l Headgasket + Timing Kit
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