Prices Can Vary Per Job/Vehicle

Quality > Cost

I charge a flat labor rate per job not hourly. I've been doing this a long time and have become very efficient.

I complete most jobs in half the time shops do.

Please collect the parts first.

And you must have a place to work on the vehicle! Nothing fancy just safe and out of the street (Example your home driveway)

Then we can setup an appointment.

Most days I work 9am to 9pm and have multiple repair jobs lined up in different towns.

I cannot waste time and chase parts!

I do offer professional advice on what parts you need to fix the vehicle, and anything I don't end up needing can be returned to the store.

It keeps everything running smoothly.

These are rough estimates! Price changes per make and model and job size/severity.

Engine swap 300-1000

(Attention engine swap patients you must provide an engine crane! Rent it borrow one they are more common than you think!)

Fwd Transmission removal/replace 200-600

(4 cylinder and some 6 I can do with just a piece of wood and a floor jack)

Rwd Transmission removal/replace 400-700

(Please provide minimum of 2 normal floor jacks or motorcycle jack)

Clutch job 200-700

(Trans/clutch customers if vehicle requires removal of subframe I may or may not be able to this job without a shop car lift)

Timing belt kit 200-500

Headgasket 300-800

Timing chains 300-900

Cat converters/Exhaust Work (bolt on only! I do not weld!) $ per piece

Lowering/Raise kit 200-500

Typical suspension work is average $50 a wheel (pads+rotors strut tierod balljoint control arms calipers ect.)

Brake Pad slapper deal! All wheels $100 (common cars only)

Drums and Brake shoes 60-100 per pair

Emergency Brake cables 30-60 per cable

Clean and adjust shoes $40 pair

Quick Struts 4 wheel deal! $150

Sway bar links! $50 per pair

I Make Oem and Custom Brake Lines! $30-70 each (depends on length)

Tune-up 50-200

Intake/ exhaust manifold gasket 50-250

(Broken stud removal extra $ depends on extraction procedure)

Radiator Replacement 60-250 (please provide new thermostat! I will include replacement with rad)

Alternator 50-300

Serpentine Belts 20-100

Engine/Trans mounts 30-100

Driveabilty issues engine light sensors + O2 electrical prices also can vary. $50-150

Swap conversion builds project cars. (ask for pricing)

Investors! Looking to repair and sell a personal or auction vehicle? (Trade Labor for % of final sale price. You provide parts.)

Minimum cost is $50 for me to show up diagnose and/or fix an issue. If you have parts the $50 is included in the labor fee.

I am fair and honest when it comes to price and getting you safe on the road.

When I diagnose your car for the first time I can give you a complete list of issues and what parts you need to fix such issues.

Created by Kris Kiley